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Unique attraction from Asiana Danang apartment

Converging the standards of high-end real estate products. Asiana Danang is a masterpiece of living space integrated with a classy resort, different and delicately. Shining in the heart of the city. Asiana luxury Danang is created from the traditional cultural values of the Vietnamese people. Depicted at the hands of Huni Group (France). The birth of the Asiana Danang apartment wishes to give residents sustainable and complete living values.

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Asiana Danang coastal property apartment

Asiana Danang coastal property apartment
Asiana Danang coastal property apartment

Asiana Danang apartment is a critical project of Gotec Land Da Nang. With a favorable location in the city’s northwest area. Attracting a lot of attention from customers. Investing in Asiana Luxury meets various needs both for living and for business to generate passive income.

The prestigious and talented architects have created the Asiana Luxury Danang apartment project. With the metaphor of a hundred-burnt bamboo tree, an open design. And 100% of the apartments facing the sea. A favor for the owner of the Asiana Danang apartment because until now. In the future, the real estate overlooking the sea will never decrease in “HOT”. At Asiana luxury, the investor deploys to build a variety of apartments from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. Penthouses, shophouses, commercial and service apartments with reasonable layout and efficient area optimization. Modern, unique design, viewing angle is filled with natural light, cool and airy. Every little detail inside the Asiana apartment is used with leading modern furniture.

Besides, Asiana Danang apartment is a 5-star resort. With 34 floors and 487 comfortable apartments in the green urban area system. Asiana fulfills the request to break the limit in the previous design. The inside of the apartment is equipped with high-class furniture. And a cozy architectural space. Outside, green space is opened, giving residents a fresh and fresh atmosphere.

Layout floor at Asiana Luxury Danang

Layout floor at Asiana Luxury Danang
Layout floor at Asiana Luxury Danang

Asiana Danang apartments are designed and built according to European standards, with high-class furniture to bring leisure travel to your home. The project is exploited on a land plot of 4,309m2, with a project scale: 39 floors of towers, 3 basements, 487 luxury apartments, 14 shophouses, and 35 commercial and service apartments. The project structure is arranged closely to every detail, and the design team is an experienced corporation sketching a luxurious Asiana Danang and proud in the city’s heart.

Commercial and service floors

Shophouses and Commercial Services are designed and arranged from floors 1 to 4, ranging from 35m2 to 558m2. This type of product is an attractive investment opportunity with high profitability. A product that has received a lot of favor from investors in the context of a growing market. The shophouse is designed to optimize the business performance of the owner, with many areas to apply many different business items easily. Besides, the road is full of heavy traffic, which is a convenient location for your business. Moreover, all Asiana Danang apartments have a large glass dome that allows all the light to be gathered and visitors’ eyes pass by.

Located at the podium position of Asiana Danang apartment chain, the shophouse type inherits many benefits that the project brings, from the central location, dense population to thousands of various utilities. After the apartment is completed and put into operation, many residents will move here to build their nests. This is the source of potential customers that shophouses need to target.

1 – 3 bedroom apartment (Dual Key)

Asiana luxury apartments are arranged from 5-32 floors of the project; Gotec Land Group provides 5-star standard commercial apartments, a flexible area from 54-108m2 (from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms). Whether the customer is a homebuyer to live or invest in, they can choose a suitable apartment with an area ideal for your family’s living and investment needs.


When you come to the Asiana Danang apartment, you will be surprised by the elegant style; the color combination is perfect, young, and dynamic. Opening up space helps the owner always feel full of energy, dispel the fatigue when returning. Step through the door of the house, ample space for the living room. Overall, we will see the dominant white color, feeling like the room is always full of light, increasing pleasure and stimulating relaxation. The living room to the outside is a wall of tempered glass doors with a curtain design to attract natural light.

Next is the dining room connected to the living room; this is the general design trend of modern apartments. Between the two functions of the apartment, there is no wall to create a feeling of openness, wide but when entering it is difficult to realize it is only about 50m2. In addition, the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,… all are meticulously cared for to every little detail, the furniture used are all high-quality products imported from abroad. All the things that Asiana luxury residences bring are to elevate and honor the living value of your family.


Asiana Penthouse
Asiana Penthouse

Asiana Luxury builds penthouses for the elite and commercial centers for business people and luxury apartments for residents. Come to the 33rd floor of the building, welcome 08 Penthouse apartments (122-152m2) class housing and resort. Inspired by the waves of the sea filled with warm sunshine, the design of Asiana Luxury Residences is a harmonious blend of architectural works with balanced details, respecting privacy and secrecy. They are designed with the desire that “every angle of the project can see the blue sea and feel the breath of Danang”. Architects used transparent glass walls from ceiling to floor, covering the entire facade of each Penthouse, providing a complete 360-degree view of the whole bay. 

Located on the top floor of the Asiana luxury residence building, Penthouse apartments are entirely separate from dust, sound, or busy life. A paradise with minimalist design, creating a sense of peace, focusing on the needs of customers. The high-class interior equipment, square and sharp, is not too picky but exudes the owner’s aesthetic. At Asiana Luxury Residences, personal living space is a top concern; from the entrance hall to the isolated areas, 24/7 security brings absolute peace of mind. Undoubtedly a “meeting place for worthy owners,” Asiana Danang apartment is a luxury resort for the elite and a cozy “second home” for owners.

Asiana Luxury Residences stirs up investors.

IBesides the intrinsic attractiveness and prestige of a reputable operator. In the context that the land fund in the center of Da Nang has been exhausted. Asiana Luxury Residences is the last 5-star resort real estate product on Nguyen Tat Thanh street frontage. Limited ownership opportunities, clear legal status, and preferential sales policies make the project more attractive.

Asiana Luxury stirs up investors
Asiana Luxury stirs up investors

Not only that, the northwest area of the capital is the area with the fastest growth and urbanization in Da Nang city of a series of large-scale projects invested by many prominent men in the real estate market. Along with that is the investment in upgrading the infrastructure, the plan to build new and expand the traffic routes in the area. After the projects are completed, promotion directly increases the value of Asiana Danang real estate. Whatever your investment purpose is, with existing outstanding advantages, customers will surely come to Asiana more and more diversified, opening a sustainable investment channel for intelligent investors.  

The investor has announced the Asiana Danang apartment project with the initial information and opened the first sale. That is indeed a golden opportunity to help real estate investors save an initial investment cost. Because in the first sale, the price has not gone through many price increases. And the apartment fund is exceptionally diverse, making it easy for investors to choose the most suitable apartment, reasonable price, beautiful view, suitable for feng shui owners. We can negotiate the cost. 

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If you are an investor who knows how to seize the “once in a thousand years” opportunity. Why not call Richta House via hotline 0907 291 868. The staff will quickly send you updated information from the Asiana Danang apartment project and receive the best reference price list. Richta House is always confident to be a companion, helping you find a luxury apartment to serve the needs of rest and investment of customers.

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