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Richta House – Intelligent real estate investment

After many years of real estate research, Richta House have made their mark on the Da Nang real estate market. Richta House is an outstanding new real estate company in Da Nang with youth, dynamism, and creativity.

With a strong potential of knowledge, solid experience, a team highly specialized and productive. Richta House is constantly affirming and improving its position in the real estate market of Vietnam.

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The story of a real estate company in Da Nang – Richta House

The story of Richta House
The story of Richta House

Real Estate Company in Da Nang – Richta House, taking honesty, professionalism, dedication as the motto. Simultaneously, we consider customer satisfaction as a goal to be more and more developed. Throughout its operation, Richta House has made its mark in real estate companies in Da Nang. Richta House is not only a real estate company but also a trusted friend. Always provide customers with exacting information in time and bring many extractive investment opportunities.

Richta House has the goal of becoming a reputable real estate supplier with optimized products. We have never been late in seizing a business opportunity. We understand customers, respect and listen to comments from many sides to improve better because we were born with the mission to meet real estate needs and improve life in the future.

As for Richta House, though, we are a new real estate company in Da Nang. But not because of that, Richta House is afraid; we are confident with our ability to grasp the real estate situation in Da Nang. Richta House is determined to achieve the set goals and bring high profits to the company and investors.

Richta House brings intelligent real estate investment solutions

As you know, in a time of volatility like today, it’s essential to choose a profitable and effective investment channel. There are some investment channels such as securities, cryptocurrencies, gold, or real estate, etc. Richta House asserts that the real estate market is the most reasonable investment channel. With incredibly high profitability, Real Estate investment is developing rapidly and non-stop. You can choose to buy or rent real estate.

Choose to cooperate with Richta House to invest in real estate effectively. Real estate company in Da Nang – Richta House is committed to providing the latest information, the best service at a highly competitive price.

Providing the latest information – Catching up on the real estate market in Da Nang

The real estate market in Da Nang Richta House
The real estate market in Da Nang Richta House

Perhaps, for customers and partners who have worked with Richta House, we are the reputable real estate company in Da Nang. Richta House is sensitive in updating information on the real estate situation in Da Nang. We choose to cooperate with reputable partners to bring the best products to customers and towards sustainable development in the future.

Richta House applies 4.0 technology in providing information to customers. It helps speed up the transaction time and allows Richta House to provide information to customers in the shortest time. Moreover, we make it possible for customers to transact right from their homes without going far. As long as you sit at home and actively contact Richta House, we will send all information and trends of real estate in Da Nang to you at a glance.

Bring the best service at a competitive discount

Bring the best service at a competitive discount

From practical experience and understanding of the market, Richta House always accompanies customers in many aspects, from developing ideas, project investment to distribution strategy. We ensure that customers can experience the best service when cooperating with Richta House. On top of that, the experienced staff will bring you products at a significant discount.

Real estate products invested and developed by Richta House, such as ordinary real estate, tourism real estate, etc., include apartments, tourist apartments, beach villas, shophouses, officials, etc. Richta House advises many products to serve many different segments and markets. All products are researched, perfected, and optimized for each customer group. The Richta House team aims for absolute satisfaction, convenience and ensures stable added value in the future.

Leading the Northwest Real Estate Market in Da Nang With Richta House

After a long time, the situation of Real Estate in Da Nang fell into a state of saturation. But according to Richta House’s prediction, the real estate market in Da Nang will come back vibrantly and prepare to enter a new stage of development. First, there are many projects about transport infrastructure that the Government will implement in the future. Second, several apartment projects are planned in the Northwest region of Da Nang and offered for sale at reasonable prices. These products are of high quality and large scale. Let Richta House introduce to you two hot high-class housing and apartment projects on the real estate market in Da Nang today.

Asiana Da Nang Project

Asiana Da Nang Project
 Asiana Da Nang Project

With the location on the front of Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, it is the gateway for trade between the Center of Technology, Industry, and the Seaport in the future. Asiana Da Nang has beautiful natural scenery and blue beaches. You will see the whole Son Tra peninsula or Da Nang city with brilliant lights at night from the apartment window.

Asiana Danang owns attractive utilities, upholding the value of a high-class resort and focusing on investing in 5-star resort standard amenities: luxury commercial center system, infinity swimming pool, sunbathing area, children’s playground, yoga garden, etc. in the same row. Thousands of other facilities outside the area were built and prepared for launch.

The apartment is designed in European style with a spacious balcony and elegant room colors. The equipment from the smallest detail is imported from abroad and installed safely. Asiana Da Nang project has distinct advantages and attractive preferential policies, is a unique project attracting many investors.

The Ori Garden Da Nang Project

The Ori Garden Da Nang Project
 The Ori Garden Da Nang Project

Real estate companies in Danang are encouraging customers to invest in The Ori Garden Da Nang project. It is a social housing project with an impressive green space. From the design of the apartment to the outside campus, they all bring a green-clean-beautiful living space, which is not certain that other apartments have.

In particular, the apartments at The Ori Garden are designed in Japanese style, with “Three nos” criteria: No negative bedrooms, No excess space, and no dead corners. Most of the apartments have a good area of 35.3-70 square meters, which are reasonably arranged, modern and sophisticated. The Ori Garden has attractive utilities such as Child’s swimming pool, adult swimming pool, BBQ garden, Ori square, Massage promenade, outdoor sports area sky, multi-purpose park, convenience store, etc.

Living here, the owner of the apartment will feel abundant and joyous energy. The Ori Garden is truly the ideal choice for real life.

Contact Richta House to update the real estate situation in Da Nang

Real estate investment will bring “huge” income for those who know how to seize the opportunity. Investing in the real estate market today is a wise decision. The chance is only for those who know how to appreciate and take them at the right time. Do not hesitate to contact Richta House – one of the real estate companies in Da Nang with top service, to update the latest real estate trends.

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