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Find out Richta house’s the HR policies

Richta House is a company specializing in business and real estate investment consulting in Da Nang. The core value of unity is strength, we take people as the root, actively create and promptly respond to customer needs. From the beginning, Richta House seems to have its own place in the real estate market. In just a short period of time, Richta House has become one of the prestigious real estate businesses and has continuously received high appreciation from customers.

In the process of completing the mission, Richta House always provides customers timely and accurate consulting information as well as attractive profitable investment opportunities.. With the desire to become a professional and most attractive real estate company in the domestic and foreign real estate market. Richta House is always proactive in expanding its business scale and investing in development in the company’s core staff.

We always welcome young people to join the Richta House family at any time. At Richta House, you will be able to unleash your creativity and show your enthusiasm in your work. Work experience is a prerequisite and necessary, but if you have never worked in real estate, Richta House will train you with the skills and knowledge you need.

Richta House always has attractive policies for employees. In addition to the basic salary in each position, Richta House employees also have an unlimited income from commissions, hot bonuses, monthly and quarterly bonuses.Not only trained in professional knowledge, Richta House also equips you with more knowledge in the field of marketing, market information and products.

Let's contribute youth together with Richta House, we are always proud to be the choice of your future career.

In addition to being located in the center of the tourist city, Richta House has built a creative, dynamic but equally professional working environment. Joining our extended family, you can rest assured in learning knowledge, making the most of your abilities. At Richta House, we always take people as the root, the main staff as the core. We want all employees to be able to develop comprehensively in all aspects. Please take a look at our HR policy.

Talent attraction policy

Richta House has a competitive salary and bonus policy to attract good employees. At the same time, this is also one of the policies to help us retain employees for a long time. Richta House always welcomes people with a lot of experience in related fields to accompany us

Working mode

The working mode of Richta House is organized as follows: 6 days/week, 8 hours/day, 1.5 hour lunch break. In addition, Tet’s holidays, sickness, pain, maternity, etc. Richta House also applies according to the regulations of the State.

When there are requirements on work progress, Richta House may ask employees to work overtime. We always ensure that all employees of the company will fully enjoy the benefits and treatment of employees according to the regulations of the State.

Salary and benefits policy

Richta House builds a salary, bonus and commission policy suitable to each employee’s position, skills and qualifications. Your efforts and work results are recognized and rewarded by us. In addition, the policy of salary, bonus and welfare is also one of the effective assistants to help Richta House motivate employees to maximize their capacity, bring efficiency and quality at work.

Types of rewards

  • Rewarding extraordinary achievements: rewarding employees with excellent performance at work, contributing to improving work efficiency and bringing economic benefits to the company. Reward individuals/collectives who actively participate in the company’s culture-building activities.
  • Rewarding achievements after each project: rewarding individuals/teams who actively participate, successfully complete assigned requirements and tasks, contributing to the success of the project.
  • Rewarding initiatives: rewarding individuals with good ideas and initiatives that bring benefits to the company. In addition, contribute suggestions to improve and improve business efficiency, image and reputation of the company.
  • Rewarding the example of “Good people and good deeds”: rewarding individuals who handle emergency situations well, prevent negative events, bravely save and help others in dangerous situations.
  • Periodic reward for achievements: reward excellent individuals of the month; excellent team of the quarter (service sector); reward individual achievements at the end of each year.

Insurance and benefits

In addition to enjoying full benefits and incentives, the payment of Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance of Richta House is also made in compliance with the provisions of law.