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South Hoi An Hoiana project

    In the context of modern and developed life, people’s demand for leisure travel also tends to increase. This type of tourism is trendy and favored. But, the essential factor that determines the quality of a trip is the actual value of the place.

    We cannot deny that Hoi An is an ideal city, and this is a place to store the historical and cultural values of the nation. That is also the reason why resort tourism projects began to develop in this land of many heritages. In particular, South Hoi An Hoiana is one of the potential projects that you can not miss.

    1. Introduction ​

    Overview of South Hoi An Hoiana project
    Overview of South Hoi An Hoiana project

    South Hoi An Hoiana project is the most diverse and modern resort in Central Vietnam. It is a perfect combination of unspoiled natural beauty and contemporary services at Hoiana Resort. Perhaps, this place is a great place to enjoy a vibrant living space with beautiful natural views.


    Vinacapital – Suncity Group – VMS Investment Group


    About 10 km south of Hoi An Ancient Town

    Near Cua Dai bridge


    985,6 Hectares

    Total investment capital

    4 billion USD

    After completion, South Hoi An Hoiana has a scale of up to 985.6 hectares. This project is considered the only and first complex resort in Hoi An city and central Vietnam. Hoiana Resort combines modern entertainment services with a total investment of 4 billion USD. Perhaps, up to now, South Hoi An Hoiana is the project with the most prominent investment scale in Hoi An city. Not only that, with the perfect geographical location and the attraction of Hoiana hotel, this project is always warmly welcomed by investors.

    2. Location of South Hoi An Hoiana project

    The South Hoi An Hoiana project is located next to the blue beach with white sand in the south. Mostly, this place has a view of the sea, and Hoiana Resort is lucky to own the gifts of nature. Every morning when you wake up from Hoiana hotel, you will hear the sound of ocean waves along with warm sunshine and fresh cool breeze.

    Not only that, the South Hoi An Hoiana project has an ideal location to help tourists visit the scenic spots in the heritage city easily.

    • 25 minutes – Hoi An Ancient Town
    • 25 minutes – Cua Dai Beach
    • 60 minutes – Da Nang City
    • 70 minutes – Phu Ninh Lake
    • 85 minutes – My Son Sanctuary
    • 180 minutes – Hue Citadel


    High-class facilities at South Hoi An Hoiana

    High-class facilities at South Hoi An Hoiana
    High-class facilities at South Hoi An Hoiana

    Inspired by heritage, South Hoi An Hoiana fully converges the beauty of ancient traditions. In addition, this complex resort is also famous for its modern and high-class entertainment services. Hoiana Resort promises to continue improving and developing other entertainment and cultural experience attractions in the elaborate resort of South Hoi An Hoiana.

    The high-class facilities of South Hoi An Hoiana:

    • The high-class facilities of South Hoi An Hoiana:
    • Modern and world-class golf course
    • Award-winning entertainment service area
    • Diverse and contemporary accommodation services
    • Luxury Restaurant & Cafe
    • Bar
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Mall
    • Casino

    An impressive view of South Hoi An Hoiana for investors

    South Hoi An Hoiana is a large-scale project implemented in 7 phases. After completion, the project is expected to become the most luxurious complex resort in Hoi An city. Investors orient South Hoi An Hoiana as a cultural – commercial – service center with chains of accommodation services such as hotels, apartments, resorts, entertainment, health care services, or mall system. In addition, modern facilities such as amusement parks, marinas, or sports areas are also carefully invested in creating a South Hoi An Hoiana worthy of international standards.

    Impressions in phase 1 of South Hoi An Hoiana

    Impressions in phase 1 of South Hoi An Hoiana

    Phase 1 of the South Hoi An Hoiana project with items is an international standard 18-hole golf course and more than 1000 villa rooms and luxury hotels from famous brands such as:

    • Rosewood Hoi An
    • KHOS Hoiana
    • New World Hoiana Hotel and Residences
    • Hoiana Shores Golf Club
    • Hoiana Casino

    It is impossible not to mention the prominence of Hoiana Shores Golf Club and Hoiana Casino of Hoiana Resort in phase 1. With a golf course designed along the pristine coastline. However, the remarkable thing that makes South Hoi An Hoiana unique is that this is the first golf course implemented by golf course designer Robert Trent Jones Jr in Vietnam. Hoiana Casino has more than 2000 bonus game machines, and 144 card game tables held every night to serve the entertainment needs of each visitor.

    Impressions vision of South Hoi An Hoiana’s investors

    Impressions vision of South Hoi An Hoiana's investors

    It is no coincidence that South Hoi An Hoiana is considered a potential and competitive project. Hoiana Resort combines the traditional beauty of national identity and modern features in unique architectural works. Let’s look at the impressions of the investor’s vision of South Hoi An Hoiana with Richta House.

    • Nice geographical location

    Hoiana Resort is located on a beautiful and fresh beach, about 10km from Hoi An ancient town and less than 25 minutes away. Not only that, South Hoi An Hoiana is next to Cua Dai bridge and connects to Chu Lai airport – which is oriented to become an international airport in the future.

    • The long-term vision of the investor

    South Hoi An Hoiana has a large and famous investor in the real estate market. Hoiana Resort has cooperated with the Intermediate School of Arts, Culture, and Tourism of Quang Nam province to establish Quang Nam Tourism Vocational Training Center. It is the place to provide quality human resources for South Hoi An Hoiana in the future.

    • Unique highlights in phase 1

    South Hoi An Hoiana has three particular highlights in phase 1, including beautiful and pristine beach, Hoiana Shores Golf Club, and Hoiana Casino. The beautiful sea area is not interfered with and exploited by tourism along with modern entertainment services—this combination promises to bring visitors the most exciting and perfect experiences.

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