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Hoian D’or Quang Nam Project


    Not as animated and bustling as Da Nang, Hoi An ancient town has its beauty in a rich heritage land. Put on simplicity and lightness with moss-covered tile roofs or old walls. Hoi An still occupies a significant position for domestic and foreign guests. To realize the dream of turning Hoi An into a top area in the field of ecology – culture – tourism, the Hoian d’Or project was born with the expectation of being the last piece to create a complete Hoi An.

    1. Introduction ​

    Overview of HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam project
    Overview of project

    2. General information about HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam project

    Project developer BCGLAND & VNGROUP
    LocationCon Bap, Cam Nam Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
    Scale24,48 hectares
    Total investment:2330 billion VND

    Hoian D’Or ecotourism destinations are surrounded by the historic Thu Bon river offering a unique blend of natural scenery. This project meets five golden elements of a real estate project: history, architecture, feng shui, human resources, and location. Not only that, this is considered a different resort project, a perfect combination of culture and modernity, luxury and class.

    Hoian D’Or project is on a land of 24.48 hectares with the investor ConBap Ecological Tourist Co.Ltd. It was sought-after since its launch in the real estate market; it is not surprising that the total expected investment capital of Hoi An d’Or eco island is up to VND 2,330 billion.

    In addition, this project also cooperates with famous brands in the field of design. Such as Vietnam Landscape Architecture Joint Stock Company (Eden Landscape),  1+1>2 International Architecture Joint Stock Company, Huni Architectes (France) to create a Hoian d’Or masterpiece with outstanding architectural works such as Shophouse, Villa, Condotel, Marina, Cultural Space, Walking Street, Eco-Park experience, etc.

    3. Location of HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam project

    Hoian d’Or Quang Nam was built on alluvial soil in Can Bap, Cam Nam of Hoi An city. With a golden location 800 meters from the old town, we can say that this is the only ecological resort and cultural experience in the center of the land with much cultural heritage. Not only that, Hoi An d’Or eco island is located in the heart of the Thu Bon River and is surrounded by the sea. This area is very suitable for the development of various types of tourism. From this location, this area can quickly move to other famous places such as:

    • 7 minutes to Hoi An ancient town
    • 11 minutes to Hoi An night market
    • 14 minutes to Tra Que vegetable village
    • 15 minutes to Cua Dai beach
    • 16 minutes to Bay Mau coconut forest
    • 17 minutes to Thanh Ha Pottery Village
    • 24 minutes to Kim Bong carpentry village.

    High-class facilities at HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam

    Hoian D’or project is inspired by the greenish-brown tile roof of Hoi An old town with D’or gold as the material throughout the project. This romantic land ensures to bring to the center ground of Hoi An ancient town peacefully because it bears the golden imprint of “on the wharf, under the boat” in the past. It harmoniously combines three overall architecture of Town – Village – Garden with a unique design idea.

    “Town” – a bustling shopping space on the pedestrian route of the modern and brilliant Shophouse area.

    “Village” – a peaceful resort space with villas, apartments, and hotels with river views to catch the wind and sun.

    “Garden” – health care service with treatments and herbs derived entirely from nature.

    High-class facilities at HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam
    High-class facilities at HOIAN D’OR Quang Nam

    In addition, Hoian d’Or also owns a diverse ecosystem with more than 20 ecological and cultural utilities. That is a potential project, with the expectation of becoming a symbol and new destination for tourism of Hoi An city. Some utilities of the Hoian d’Or project:

    • Hoian d’Or trade port theater
    • Cong Huong Square
    • Marina
    • Trinh Cong Son Museum & Chu Dau pottery exhibition space
    • Sky bridge
    • Outdoor picnic area
    • Experience Agriculture Zone
    • Agricultural product display area
    • The Garden of Organic Agriculture
    • shopping mall
    • Medicinal Garden
    • Eco garden
    • etc.

    Map of HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam project

    Map of HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam project
    Map of HOIAN D’OR Quang Nam project

    Hoian D’or eco-tourism area is built into a unique cultural-ecological – commercial development resort model. Not only that, but the project also intends to become a junction between the past and the present. In the past, coming to Hoi An is coming to the old town. Now, coming to Hoi An means coming to this place’s first resort, cultural and ecological experience.

    With unique and precise planning with inspiration from the familiar names of towns – villages – gardens. The subdivisions of the project are divided as follows:

    • Town: Shophouse subdivision
    • Village: Resort subdivision
    • Garden: Eco-agriculture subdivision

    Six Impressive products at HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam

    As a project has been carefully invested from planning steps, Hoian d’Or is a perfect example of each green ecological community. Hoi An d’Or Quang Nam promises to bring you the best experiences by combining various entertainment, resort, and accommodation types.

    Six impressive products at Hoian d’Or Quang Nam include.

    • Villa

    That is one of the unique products in the Hoian d’Or project, with a prime location surrounded by the Thu Bon River. Villa Hoian d’Or is a combination of natural beauty and traditional design with modern utilities. Villas include 52 units with river views and a private swimming pool in the outdoor area.


    Five featured islands in HOIAN D'OR Quang Nam

    One thing that cannot be ignored when talking about the ecological utility of Hoian d’Or is the five featured islands only at this ecotourism destination. With meticulous investment along with the available advantage of nature’s favor, the utilities of 5 featured islands in the green complex of Hoian d’Or Quang Nam will bring you the most relaxation values.

    • Service Island
    • Outdoor event yard
    • Restaurant & coffee building block
    • Outdoor and lakeside coffee space
    • Playground lawn
    • Scenic swing, water lily lake, etc.
    • Natural swimming pool Island
    • Outdoor pool
    • Children’s pool
    • Coffee counter
    • Outdoor coffee area
    • Sunbathing area
    • Scenic spots when swimming, aquarium filter, waterfall, etc.
    Spa in Hoi An d'Or Quang NAM
    • Spa & Wellness Island
      • Health care building block
      • Rest hut
      • VIP Spa hut
      • Medicinal plant garden
      • Landscape water surface, water lily lake promenade, etc.
    • De Men Island
      • Nhà trải nghiệm hành trình Dế Mèn
      • Chòi nghỉ ngơi
      • De Men’s journey experience house
      • Rest hut
      • Eight familiar scenes: Chim Coc – De Choat; Xien Toc; Swamp Kingdom; De Men’s mother; etc.
    De Men Island
    De Men Island
    • Camping Island
      • Sightseeing Bridge
      • Camping grass space
      • Sightseeing Tower
      • Sightseeing Courtyard

    Top criteria to choose HOIAN D'OR

    Top criteria to choose HOIAN D'OR
    Top criteria to choose HOIAN D’OR

    Hoian D’or is the first and top project in the combination of ecology – culture – tourism in the center of the old town. This project has received much attention from real estate developers in Quang Nam province and the whole country right from its debut. If investors are still confused, let’s look at the top criteria only available at Hoian d’Or with Richta.

    • The only project within a radius of 1km from Hoi An ancient town
    • Having a low building density of 19.12%
    • Various types to suit all hobbies of customers
    • It is an area with good feng shui, have mountains and sea
    • Having the most vibrant walking street in Hoi An
    • Gathering many famous brands (architecture, management, culture, etc.)
    • Outstanding profitable exploitation potential

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