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Asiana Danang Project

    After focusing on investing in many real estate projects on the Da Nang market, housing prices were always high, but now it is somewhat quieter. However, if you are an intelligent investor, Da Nang is still a “hot market” which is an easy time to own real estate. That’s why today Richta House introduces “Asiana Danang Project” – Experience French quality right in Vietnam.

    Overview of Asiana Danang Project

    Asiana Da Nang project
    Asiana Da Nang project

    Asiana Danang is inspired by classical French architecture combined with Asian cultural features. The work has a special meaning, depicting the image of a mighty Dragon and a village bamboo rampart. Those are typical images of Vietnamese people, combined gently and deeply. Resonating with the stretching Western domes, the art of shimmering light creates a distinctive feature of Asiana Danang. All harmonize to form modern, elegant, and sustainable architecture over the years.

    2. General information

    Project nameAsiana Danang (Asiana Luxury Residences)
    Project locationLot 1A Nguyen Tat Thanh, Hoa Hiep Nam, Lien Chieu, Da Nang
    InvestorAsiana Paramount Co., Ltd
    Project developmentGotec Land Vietnam
    Design consultantHuni Group (France)
    Type of projectLuxury residences, TMDV, Office, Shophouse, Officetel
    Project distribution partnerRICHTA HOUSE Investment Trading Service Joint Stock Company
    Overall area4,309 m2
    Project densityBase block (60%), Tower block (40%)
    Scale of Asiana projectIncluding two 34-storey towers (4 podium floors) and 03 basements
    Products487  luxury residences (1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms) and 14 Shophouses

    Permanent ownership for 50 years according to current law

    3. Location of Asiana Danang Project

    The Asiana Danang project owns a rare location at the gateway to the northwest of Da Nang city. Proud to be the leading project in the design of high-class living spaces to enhance prosperous modern urban. Not only that, but Asiana Da Nang is also the focal point of a network connecting people in Lien Chieu district.

    Location of Asiana Danang Project
    Location of Asiana Danang Project

    3-5 minutes:

    • Nam O eco-tourism area
    • Mikazuki Japanese Resort & Spa
    • Nam O Market
    • People’s Committee of Hiep Hoa Nam Ward
    • System of Primary Schools and Junior high school

    8-10 minutes:

    • Nguyen Tat Thanh Square
    • Lien Chieu Port
    • Lien Chieu District Administrative Center
    • Hoa Khanh Industrial Park
    • Da Nang High-tech Park
    • Danang University of Science and Technology

    15-20 minutes:

    • Da Nang City Center Bus Station
    • Hue crossroads overpass
    • Da Nang International Airport
    • Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge

    25-30 minutes:

    • Vinpearl Resort Lang Van
    • Tien Sa Port
    • Linh Ung Pagoda
    • Pham Van Dong Beach
    • Lang Co tourist area
    • Ba Na tourist area, Than Tai Stream

    Luxury resort facilities at Asiana Danang

    Luxury resort facilities at Asiana Danang
    Luxury resort facilities at Asiana Danang

    With a scale of more than 4000m2, Asiana Danang owns two twin towers named after two ancient Greek gods, Apollo & Athena. Along with 487 luxury residences with liberal and unique European style. Coming to Asiana Da Nang, you will be pleased to be immersed in the outstanding internal utility chain. All include 12 world-class amenities in a relaxed lifestyle but still ensure privacy: 

    • Ngoc Bay Swimming Pool
    • Sun Square
    • Mall
    • Relaxing sunbathing area
    • Community living area
    • Outdoor landscape garden
    • Children’s play area on the sand
    • High-end Shophouse system
    • Aerial viewing area
    • BBQ view sea view
    • Hot beach
    • Kindergarten

    Asiana Danang luxury residences

    Asiana Danang luxury residences
    Asiana Danang luxury residences

    At Asiana Danang apartment, have all the best for your life and family. This place will provide high-class, comfortable apartments according to French standards. As soon as you step into the apartment, you feel an airy space; there is no gap between the function rooms. Therefore, all family members can communicate easily from all angles and can observe each other. Each apartment owns a luxurious living room, cozy dining room, and separate bedroom. The design makes the most of sunlight, with 2-3 open sides to make the difference of a new style apartment.

    Structure of luxury residences at Asiana Danang:



    97 one-bedroom apartments

    54-67 m2

    361  two-bedroom apartments

    77-83 m2

    21 three-bedroom apartments


    8 Penthouses

    122-152 m2

    18 Shophouses


    34 commercial and service apartments

    38-558 m2

    Map of Asiana Danang project

    Not simply like other high-end apartment projects, Asiana Danang fully integrates various products suitable for many different investment trends of customers. From business model to housing, everything is done professionally, giving customers absolute satisfaction. Owning a multi-service podium and admirably large scale in Da Nang. Asiana Danang has become a formidable competitor in the real estate market, in the high-end apartment segment.

    Map of Asiana Danang project
    Map of Asiana Danang project

    Commercial floor plan:

    • 1st floor: Commercial and service lobby, 21 commercial and service apartments and Shophouses, kindergarten.
    • 2nd floor: Lobby, 24 commercial and service apartments, kindergarten.
    • 3rd floor: 12 commercial and service apartments, kindergarten.
    • 4th floor: 7 commercial and service apartments, infinity pool, children’s play area on the sand


    Asiana Danang apartment floor plan:

    • 5th floor-18th floor, 20th floor – 21st floor: Apartment (1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms), swimming pool, children’s play area on the sand, park
    • 19th floor: Apartment (1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms), swimming pool, aerial view area, sunbathing area, children’s play area on the sand
    • 22nd – 32nd floor: Apartment (1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms), swimming pool, sunbathing area and park, children’s play area on the sand
    • 33rd floor: Penthouses (113.10-137.48m2), swimming pool, sunbathing area, park, children’s play area on the sand

    Top criteria to choose Asiana Danang

    criteria to choose Asiana Danang
    Criteria to choose Asiana Danang

    With distinct advantages and attractive preferential policies, the birth of Asiana Da Nang is considered to welcome the “golden moment” in the current real estate market. What a smart choice for every investor.

    • Infinity vision: Owning a million-dollar sea view, where the owner can watch the sunrise at home.
    • Combining the dual value of Residence and Vacation: both a great home and a sustainable passive income source
    • Convenient traffic location: Located on a key traffic route, connecting many central areas, the pace of life and economic exchanges enormously occur.
    • Profitable investment, sustainable development: The profit potential of the Asiana apartment building is constantly increasing with economic growth. 
    • Unique design, natural architecture: Dotted out the way in architecture brings a bold look at Vietnamese cultural architecture with the glitz of the West.
    • 99% of apartments facing the sea, long-term ownership: beautiful view so that the owner can see the whole picture of nature.
    • Prestigious and flexible sales policy with many great incentives for customers.

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    It can say that with outstanding advantages in quality living value and leading profitability in the region. Asiana Danang apartment is confident to become the most popular product in the real estate market in the future. Do not think more, call Richta House via hotline 0907 291 868 to keep yourself in an apartment with the best location when the real estate price has many preferential discounts.

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