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Orin Hotel - Tran Bach Dang

Suppose you want to choose a real estate product with strong potential for long-term development, with the most attractive design and location. Do not ignore Orin Hotel, a hotel real estate product suitable for many customers who travel to Da Nang. Ensure that you will earn a stable passive income after becoming the owner of Orin Da Nang Hotel.

1. Utilities of Orin Hotel Da Nang

The synchronization between interior and architecture at the hotel makes this place more professional, giving a great impression to customers when entering. The remarkable thing is the elegant modern style; using white as the primary color brings a pleasant feeling, and it seems that the space is more open. The utilities of the hotel are also diverse.

  • Air-conditioner
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • New furniture

2. Overview of Orin Hotel - Tran Bach Dang

Product’s name



No. 40 Tran Bach Dang, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang




8 floors and 19 bedrooms


Designed in the form of a hotel that is convenient for business


25 billion VND (negotiable)

Loan support

17.5 billion VND


ORIN Hotel has a prime location; this is the “Golden Land” on the street with the most vibrant life in Da Nang city. It is located in a complex of various services-entertainment-resort-amusement in An Thuong neighborhood in Ngu Hanh Son district and far from the beach. ORIN has enough criteria for a standard hotel to bring live value to every customer.

In addition, ORIN Hotel arranges a reasonable layout for 19 bedrooms on eight floors, ensuring that it can serve the maximum number of customers in peak seasons. Each floor has just enough distance to receive natural light and a light breeze. All combine to create a perfect space when fully exploiting the area of ​​90m2.25 billion (negotiable)

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What are you waiting for? Decide to invest now to own a hotel with long-term development potential. ORIN Hotel products are currently for sale at highly favorable rates and are easy to negotiate for the best price. Contact Richta House to not miss an excellent investment opportunity, with the ability to pay back and quick profit.

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